Nintendo Switch: This is the new console of the Japanese company


After many months of rumors and teaser videos, the day has finally arrived. The new Nintendo console, under the name of Nintendo Switch – although this last is not a surprise – has been officially presented. The new gaming device comes to face the PS4 Pro as well as the futuristic Project Scorpio from Microsoft. The great advantage of this new device is the duality between laptop and desktop, becoming a hybrid console that we can dock or uncouple your base according to how we want to play. Let’s see exactly what it is.

Joy-Con, one of the keys


Surely if you have been moderately aware of what has been filtering, and with the image that accompanies these lines, you know what we are talking concretely. These are the Joy-Con, the versatile controls that will allow us to play with the new console both anchored to it in portable mode and separated, in fixed mode.

So, yes, they are the direct successors of their older sister Wiimote’s Wii U. This means that we can use the movement of the controls to play the various titles that are programmed to make use of this feature, like the one you see down. In addition, the right has a camera that will also be implemented in games, and have a weight of 49 and 52 grams in which is included that of the battery that each carries.

Autonomy of 6.5 hours and 3 game modes

As for the ways we will have to play with this new console, two of the three you have are in portable mode, ie without the need for the dock. One of them is the so-called handled, which consists of the screen with the Joy-Con anchored, holding everything as if it were a tablet. The other mode of play is the tabletop, with which we will play with the Switch supported on a surface like a table, and we will play with the Joy-Con in the hands. In this mode we can play in multiplayer on the same console or connect up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi.

The other game mode is the one that corresponds to the fixed section of this hybrid console. To play this way we will connect the 6.2-inch HD touch screen switch to the dock you see on the picture and turn it on to the TV, using the Joy-Con separately as remote controls.

In terms of autonomy, Nintendo ensures that your new Nintendo Switch can give us a battery performance of up to six and a half hours away from any type of load. As you know, this is very relative, because any appliance consumes more or less according to the use that is given. We also do not know the exact capacity of the battery, but they do add to the new USB Type-C standard as a connector for the charging cable.

Two models, $ 299 and availability

The new Nintendo Switch has two different models. But not in the technical section, in which it seems that there is no difference, if not in the colors, one with the Joy-Con in gray and the other with these in red and blue, as you can see in the images that Plague this article. Regarding the price, some $ 299 worth of money will have to be seen in how many euros are transformed, because you know that in these things the strict currency change may lose some importance.

It said before that it seems that there is or difference between the models at technical level because Nintendo has not revealed during the presentation the hardware specifications of its new console. We probably will not know this never taking into account that the console launches to the market the next day March 3, so someone will have to open it and tell us.

Games confirmed, with online payment

Indeed, and perhaps less surprisingly than might be expected, Nintendo has decided that the online multiplayer game of the new Nintendo Switch will be paid, as it happens with the consoles of the competition. At the moment, of course, nothing is known about quotas, it is too early, but I do not think they are very different from their competitors, or at least not suitable for them. In addition, with this fee we will also pay for old games from previous consoles, and exclusive games for the new.

As for the games confirmed during the presentation, we have seen a bit of everything. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Mario Odissey, passing by others like ARMS or Splatoon 2, to Skyrim – again – or Dragon Quest and FIFA.

One of the most interesting details is that there will be no regional blockade, so we can play any game from anywhere on the planet. Here are some videos that have been seen during the presentation, to go heating engines:

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