Super Mario Run – Anticipated popularity of the game

Shortly after the launch of Nintendo Pokemon Go through the company’s shares shot into the air, because many investors had confidence in Nintendo. After the shares by the month there again is slightly stabilized, putting the share after the launch on September 7th up again. As high as the proportion rose after the introduction of Pokemon Go it did not come, but it was approaching this point or at a hair. It indicates that investors trust that the new game from Nintendo will be very popular for mobile users among a large group. This is not for nothing! Super Mario Run Nintendo has launched a game that may be of interest to a very wide audience. For young and old, male and female, for Super Mario enthusiast and for players with common interests.

Super Mario Run seems really down everything you expect from a good game for mobile devices. So the game has a competitive twist, something was still missing at include Pokemon Go, there are several game modes included in Super Mario Run and the graphics of the game seem to be stunning. Reason enough to try the game again after launching the download of Super Mario Run for iOS in December this year.

You download the game too?

The biggest advantage of Super Mario Run is perhaps still the pots in this game last just long enough to fill a train, a bus or for example a break. You do not have half an hour to sit down, but can also come in five minutes just a few levels. In this way, it remains fun to play Super Mario occasionally run without you much time to spend here. During the few games Super Mario Run on Android or iOS, you collect additional coins back to your Mushroom Kingdom continues to build! You can of course also choose to Super Mario Run ankle playing for the fight it brings with friends and family. Who is the fastest? Or who knows how to put together the best Mushroom Kingdom? Head over to the Super Mario Run Download. Or read directly more information about the release, price or view the cheats and hacking here opportunities.


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