Double Barbarians Pigs Rider Deck Clash Royale

I prefer decks with which I can attack quickly, and to defend against strong cards, I use golems, giants, Lava Dogs, …

I use here the Electrical Wizard, but you can also use a Princess, Musketeer or Archers.

Double Barbarians Pigs Rider Deck Arena for 8+

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians: Of course they are better and stronger and annoying for some players. I love this card because you they can user both offensively and defensively. Elite Barbarians are very fast, if they reach the tower than your opponent is in trouble. I use them mostly with the Ijsgolem sure inserted, or I let them run fast to the enemy tower as I have a Zap.

Clash Royale Barbarians: Barbarians brothers are also useful for defense against golems, giants, Pig Riders … They are slow, but they are very dangerous if you do not turn off after their defending. I also love to distract using them for a number of troops. Sometimes I use them to distract Lava puppies and you can also split them if you want this.

Clash Royale Pigs Rider: Rider pigs is the main card for the attack. Fast and strong, but sometimes, when the opponent puts a good defense of its buildings, it is difficult to reach the enemy tower, so that’s why I like Elite Barbarians use. You can destroy buildings with them and then attack with a Pig Rider or vice versa.
Pigs Rider Combo + Ijsgolem to place the ‘pig push (Pigs attack)!

Clash Royale Ijsgolem: He is one of the most versatile forces at this time. Most of the time I use it along with a Pig Rider and Elite Barbarians. He can kill, divert troops, damaging minions a Skeleton Army … After he dies, he inhibits troops close off, ensuring that troops are affected more.

Mega favorite Mega favorite is especially useful to defend. It is useful against a Lava Dog, Ground Troops, minions … and well as combo with a Ijsgolem.

Clash Royale Electrical Wizard: Electrical Wizard is really a great card. You can use them to slow troops, resetting a target and zap a Skeleton Army or Horde minions, after the fatal injury of a Ijsgolem. He can be slain by a Fireball, but if he is slain you still barbarians that you can use to attack. Usually it is used for defense.

Clash Royale Fireball: Very useful and widely used map to damage a tower, killing Barbarians, Horde minions, Electric Wizard and Skeleton Army. Often it can happen that you need one or two fireballs to win.

Clash Royale: For 2 Elixir great card for attack and defense. usually it is used with Elite Barbarians + Pig Rider in an attack.

Clash Royale general Schedule

Because you build a Pig Rider and Elite Barbarians have this deck as the main attacking force, you can attack with a Pig Rider + Ijsgolem / Elite Barbarian + Ijsgolem or make a quick attack if you have a lead Elixir.

Also Elite Barbarians are very suitable for defense, so for example after Elite Barbarians place a Royal Reus on the right, then you are also an clash royale hackĀ on
and you can quickly attack the other side (left) with a Pig Rider. To make a double attack you much chance to reach the tower with one of your tickets fast, and then to inflict much damage.

When I play, I start with a favorite Mega behind Ijsgolem, and play slowly to see what cards the opponent. If the opponent much Elixir uses a card that will not do much damage to my tower (eg Lava Dog, Golem, Witch, Wizard, Ijstovenaar, Bowler …), rather than a quick attack on the other side with a Pig Rider or Elite Barbarians and then use your barbarians to defend.
To attack

Elite Barbarian + Ijsgolem: Really strong times an attack but if your opponent Barbarians, Tombstone or other card used to distract Elite Barbarians you will need a Fireball / Zap, get ready to place an attack if your opponent all his cards has used that can stop the Elite Barbarians.

Pigs Rider + Ijsgolem: Strong during a normal attack. Most of the time you will have at least 1-2 times being hit by barbarians, Horde minions … by defending your opponent. If you use it with a Fireball, Zap, you can destroy the enemy tower. The worst case is to play at cards with buildings like a Barbarenhut, Koboldenhut …

Elite Barbarians + Fireball / Zap: Common If I do not Ijsgolem and he has only weak forces, then I let elite Barbarians on an enemy tower rush along with the use of a fireball or Zap.

Elite Barbarians + Pig Rider: This attack costs 10 Elixir and it’s a bit risky, but depending on the situation during the game, you can let them rush on an enemy tower.

Buildings (Inferno Tower, Gun …): A building can be a problem, but because you two big cards have to attack, you can make a Pig Rider on almost every building rush to destroy it and then attack with Elite Barbarians or vice versa.

Clash Royale Bowler: He’s good at Pig Rider so I always try to attack the other side of the bowler or wait to stabbing my side and quick to attack with Elite Barbarians.

Clash Royale Golem: Golem is a strong card, but it is very slow and that gave us plenty of time to stop him with barbarians, but it is important to derive its supporting troops. What I do is put a counterattack on the other side with Elite Barbarian, because I do not want to attack the Golem, because it’s really hard to defend such attacks.

Clash Royale Lava Dog: A strong card, but very slow and the most important is to kill its lava puppies, you can do a lot before he arrives at your towers. You can place a counter-attack with a Mega favorite who is really good at Puppies, Fireball or Zap. Mega favorite is also good when you are distracted by a Ijsgolem.

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