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Simcity Buildit Hack

Today in Resotech we want to bring you a new tutorial. We’ll teach you how to hack SimCity Buildit with a few tricks for Simcity Buildit. And is that Hack SimCity BuildIt is going to be very easy if you follow this little tutorial guide that we have created and designed for you.

And is that the popular Sim City is among the most popular games of construction and those who take time in this game for video consoles are probably going to know. This is the game of urban construction that enraptured millions of players all over the planet and that as it could not be otherwise we have now finally available on Android mobile phones.

That’s why the game SimCity Buildit is trying to take us to the urban construction sector with a freemium model that we have already seen in other games of this kind on an Android and that although it does not like certain, probably it will be able to please To many other users, while in the end this business model is expanding through hundreds and hundreds of multiple games for game consoles in the Google Play Store. In this title the best thing about Sim City will happen to your mobile phone or one of our Android tablets.

Our mission in Simcity Buildit will be to build a huge city and make citizens want to live in it forever the whole time. Here will come into play the variables of resources, shops, exclusive buildings that we can build, natural disasters that occur as we progress in the game and all the administration that we may have found in previous titles This great series of games for all audiences.

Another of its multiple virtues is its aspect of the multiplayer section, which is going to be one of its most essential aspects to achieve the best cities and power in this way to trade with other players. Something similar to the same scheme that we have in other games such as for example the game of Hay Day by Supercell.

This new game from Sim City comes with a few very good graphics, for what is Android, and the whole essence of this series of games. The only attributable is the freemium model to enjoy the game as it should, since we will have to go through the box if we want to hasten the process of building our city.

SimCity BuildIT Hack Guide with simple explanation

As for any other game that may exist there are multiple tricks to help us improve in the game. In this case, Simcity.

And is that with a bit of help pirating SimCity BuildIt will be very easy and simple. By the time you finish reading this great tutorial we have prepared for you, you will be able to point your friends as they should, because you will already be a specialist in the game and create your Sims City without problems.

With this SimCity BuildIt Hack tool we will be able to alter both cash and simoleons in the game so that we have it available at all times.

Previous to being able to hack and use the tricks SimCity BuildIt well you know that you must have installed Apetoide in Android. And it is from apetoide the place from where you will be able to download the hacker game with the hack in Simcity for this little trick, which is a program with which you will be able to pirate practically any video game.

And logically you must have the phone rooted to be able to perform any hack you want to do. In this case, pirate for Simcity tricks.

Install Game Hacker

First in this video we explain the first steps that we must continue with the game hacker to alter the simoleones are:

  1. The first thing we have to do is put the price we have.
  2. This is when the Simcity hack starts searching. With this we will start the trick for Simcity.
  3. After doing the previous step we must click on modify to complete the changes made and continue with the hack of the game.
  4. Now is when we write the new amount we want to have coins in SimCity.
  5. Now is when we must alter and modify that amount of money for the game. To achieve this we will make more money. And when we have achieved it you will see at the top as the money you want to get for your SimCity Buildit city adds up.

This is the first phase of the trick for Sim City to hack and get more money for the game. Now is when we explain the second part of the trick and how to modify the cash.

Steps to continue to modify the cash

This is why the steps are as follows:

  1. First of all is that we must put the money we have to start with the SimCity hack and be able to modify all the money available.
  2. After doing this now is when we must press modify to begin to alter the money we have previously selected.
  3. The moment we get the “into” screen we give you to minimize.
  4. Now is when we must install a factory to modify the bills we have available. As advice and trick in Simcity, you should install the factory far enough away from the houses so as not to harm the Sims citizens and thus your popularity among them will rise and Increase.
  5. Now you must spend only US $ 2 to continue the trick at the Simcity ticket factory.
  6. After spending the 2 dollars you will be asked to write the amount of money remaining, then you must write it on the right side of into.
  7. Now is when it will hit you to find him and asks you the game: How much money do you want to put? This is when we complete the tricks for Simcity with the infinite money hack.
    It will be up to you to write down how much money you need to have to play quietly.
  8. You should now be able to modify and then the amount will be instantly transferred to your Simcity account to increase your money.

We would like to know if you liked and it was useful to you this little tutorial of tricks and guides for SimCity BuildIt to complete this great hack that we have done in this game. In addition, we would also like to know that you have used the money you have gotten with this trick.

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