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Playstation 3 – Showcased With And also Factors

Individuals that appreciate computer game are specific to appreciate the plus factors of playing Playstation 3 video games. Playstation 3 console makes a desire become a reality as you could make money by playing video games with a video game tester. The video game tester describes the player that helps with attempting video games of numerous business, and also these business supply this possibility to guarantee their video games are of premium quality as well as are best ranked. The video game testers therefore play a crucial function in the video games that are yet to be launched as their viewpoint is the determining variable and also makes the requirements of the video game. Profiting by playing console video games as well as enjoying is a great payment that the video gaming area is supplying, besides paying.

Playstation 3 appeared on November 2006 in the United States, however long prior to PS 3 video games struck the marketplace, ardent followers began signing up as well as pre-ordering for the item in the purpose of having their very own at the earliest. The video game console consists of lots of extra functions in contrast to the initial Playstation along with Playstation 2, and also is for this reason thought about to be advantageous. The fascinating attribute is its style and also one-of-a-kind design, besides the devices which boost the video gaming experience. The plus factor of playing it is that the gamers could capitalize on networking functions and also the web that gaming consoles could not extol.

Sony Playstation 3 enables the individuals to play video games, make use of a PSP system as well as to hear songs. Aside from this, the various other plus factors including Playstation 3 are viewing motion pictures, pictures, video clips and getting in touch with buddies, while the gamer or individual is tired of pc gaming. When you are removaling, the video game console has cordless web link and also this function assists in linking various other players and also buddies also. The plus factor is that this link with pals with it is extremely basic like obtaining a Network Account of Playstation. This network account as soon as developed, it might include video clip and also voice talking sessions with buddies comfortably. Immediate messaging as well as playing video games on the web with various other players, in addition to the mobile function are attributes which increases the appearance.

Sony Playstation 3 take on Nintendo Wii as well as at the same time both business are proclaiming that they master supplying the most effective advantages as well as attributes to players. Undoubtedly, both items are worth as well as great questioning. Playstation 3 console is developed effectively, mobile as well as consists of numerous online along with video game functions having a side over Nintendo Wii video game. The video game console has some excellent plus factors such as the DVD modern technology that provides much better attributes as well as graphics Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray has even more benefits over DVD such that a DVD with double layer could hold almost 9GB information, while Blu-Ray could hold 25GB/layer making it the very best plus factor.

Playstation 3 is really a fantastic video game console as well as the factor is that it is solid and also consists of lots of functions. The video game console has a fantastic Nvidia graphics cpu as well as the link supplies an uncompressed electronic picture. The audio is likewise really motivating on it with the Dolby Digital border audio, which could sustain approximately 7.1 networks. As all the functions make wonderful plus factors, they go over and also playing online without paying anything is actually fantastic. Utilizing various other internet solutions such as checking out on the internet contentFind Article, internet surfing and also reviewing are likewise great attributes.

Increased Truth: Launching to the Pc gaming Planet

If you are actually searching for an increased truth advancement provider, at that point you could intend to initially possess a review over the listed below write-up.

If you are actually seeking an increased truth firm, at that point you might possess some passion in the adhering to areas where our company should explain a handful of beneficial manner ins which you can easily utilize to look for such firms. Moreover, our team will additionally review several of the extra distinctive qualities from increased truth.

Over recent few years or two, there seems to be to have actually been actually a small switch in the pc gaming planet. Generally, the focus has actually removaled coming from games consoles to mobile phone functions as well as activities. One cause may be associated with rates as well as yet another could be ease. A console might demand you to buy true positive disks that should be actually placed; this merely appears like an additional action which may be steered clear of. There is actually the price aspect. The normal rate from an activity could operate anywhere coming from point out $40-$90 whereas numerous mobile phone as well as Mobile phone video games are actually free of cost. Something to keep in mind right here having said that is actually that a lot of activities throughout the mobile phone system could start as free of charge yet if you prefer to proceed much deeper in to the video game, there might be actually a little expense included. That is actually a quite tenable opinion that this sort of change is actually the main reason responsible for the dropping purchases when that involves gaming console games.

If you possess any type of purposes to produce and also create an application, after that you might demand the companies from an up as well as happening modern technology provider. Just how can you well go concerning browsing for a dependable and also skilled business? Off, that is actually appealing to take note that numerous firms that generate games innovation are actually situated in under established nations. Just what is actually additional is actually the lot from expertise as well as development that they may show off. A trending principle is actually one that is actually explained as enhanced truth. This is actually an important part from participating in jobs and also very first individual capturing video games, or even FPS. Increased truth permits you to either viewpoint simply an aspect of the amount or even only the entire monitor on its own. This is actually crucial especially for smaller sized filtered tools like tablet computers or even Mobile phones.

One more cause about why the recognition from these increased fact workshops is actually expanding, hinges on that the requirement for these forms of activities stays incredibly higher. That refers truth that these FPS or even 1st individual firing video games is actually the ones that appear to become offered out fastest. When I discuss activities, I am actually pertaining to all of them being actually repeated gaming consoles and also within mobile phone systems.

when looking for the right boosted fact growth firm, make sure that you are actually deciding on the one that possesses the absolute most years from adventure. Additionally, that will be actually beneficial that you investigate a few of the qualifications that the workers as well as employee possess. Imaginative potential, layout histories, as well as building abilities are actually all important elements to invite this sort of firm. As well as like I have actually stated previously, despite the fact that most these companies and also centers lie during that segment from the planet, their client service part appears to become phenomenal. Interaction as well as customer care is actually a sizable aspect of their effectiveness. Ultimate aspects that i want to anxiety belong to the multi-platform element combined with irregularity when this involves software application apps as well as plans. Enhanced fact, apart off its own advantage in the video game motors, can easily likewise be actually beneficial in various other courses such as adobe, 3d style treatments with a wide array from others.

Hack and Tricks Simcity Buildit. SimCity hacking tutorial

Simcity Buildit Hack

Today in Resotech we want to bring you a new tutorial. We’ll teach you how to hack SimCity Buildit with a few tricks for Simcity Buildit. And is that Hack SimCity BuildIt is going to be very easy if you follow this little tutorial guide that we have created and designed for you.

And is that the popular Sim City is among the most popular games of construction and those who take time in this game for video consoles are probably going to know. This is the game of urban construction that enraptured millions of players all over the planet and that as it could not be otherwise we have now finally available on Android mobile phones.

That’s why the game SimCity Buildit is trying to take us to the urban construction sector with a freemium model that we have already seen in other games of this kind on an Android and that although it does not like certain, probably it will be able to please To many other users, while in the end this business model is expanding through hundreds and hundreds of multiple games for game consoles in the Google Play Store. In this title the best thing about Sim City will happen to your mobile phone or one of our Android tablets.

Our mission in Simcity Buildit will be to build a huge city and make citizens want to live in it forever the whole time. Here will come into play the variables of resources, shops, exclusive buildings that we can build, natural disasters that occur as we progress in the game and all the administration that we may have found in previous titles This great series of games for all audiences.

Another of its multiple virtues is its aspect of the multiplayer section, which is going to be one of its most essential aspects to achieve the best cities and power in this way to trade with other players. Something similar to the same scheme that we have in other games such as for example the game of Hay Day by Supercell.

This new game from Sim City comes with a few very good graphics, for what is Android, and the whole essence of this series of games. The only attributable is the freemium model to enjoy the game as it should, since we will have to go through the box if we want to hasten the process of building our city.

SimCity BuildIT Hack Guide with simple explanation

As for any other game that may exist there are multiple tricks to help us improve in the game. In this case, Simcity.

And is that with a bit of help pirating SimCity BuildIt will be very easy and simple. By the time you finish reading this great tutorial we have prepared for you, you will be able to point your friends as they should, because you will already be a specialist in the game and create your Sims City without problems.

With this SimCity BuildIt Hack tool we will be able to alter both cash and simoleons in the game so that we have it available at all times.

Previous to being able to hack and use the tricks SimCity BuildIt well you know that you must have installed Apetoide in Android. And it is from apetoide the place from where you will be able to download the hacker game with the hack in Simcity for this little trick, which is a program with which you will be able to pirate practically any video game.

And logically you must have the phone rooted to be able to perform any hack you want to do. In this case, pirate for Simcity tricks.

Install Game Hacker

First in this video we explain the first steps that we must continue with the game hacker to alter the simoleones are:

  1. The first thing we have to do is put the price we have.
  2. This is when the Simcity hack starts searching. With this we will start the trick for Simcity.
  3. After doing the previous step we must click on modify to complete the changes made and continue with the hack of the game.
  4. Now is when we write the new amount we want to have coins in SimCity.
  5. Now is when we must alter and modify that amount of money for the game. To achieve this we will make more money. And when we have achieved it you will see at the top as the money you want to get for your SimCity Buildit city adds up.

This is the first phase of the trick for Sim City to hack and get more money for the game. Now is when we explain the second part of the trick and how to modify the cash.

Steps to continue to modify the cash

This is why the steps are as follows:

  1. First of all is that we must put the money we have to start with the SimCity hack and be able to modify all the money available.
  2. After doing this now is when we must press modify to begin to alter the money we have previously selected.
  3. The moment we get the “into” screen we give you to minimize.
  4. Now is when we must install a factory to modify the bills we have available. As advice and trick in Simcity, you should install the factory far enough away from the houses so as not to harm the Sims citizens and thus your popularity among them will rise and Increase.
  5. Now you must spend only US $ 2 to continue the trick at the Simcity ticket factory.
  6. After spending the 2 dollars you will be asked to write the amount of money remaining, then you must write it on the right side of into.
  7. Now is when it will hit you to find him and asks you the game: How much money do you want to put? This is when we complete the tricks for Simcity with the infinite money hack.
    It will be up to you to write down how much money you need to have to play quietly.
  8. You should now be able to modify and then the amount will be instantly transferred to your Simcity account to increase your money.

We would like to know if you liked and it was useful to you this little tutorial of tricks and guides for SimCity BuildIt to complete this great hack that we have done in this game. In addition, we would also like to know that you have used the money you have gotten with this trick.

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Hack & Cheats for 8 Ball Pool to get more Coins

Hack 8 Ball Pool

If you want to have the best Cheats for 8 Ball Pool do not miss this article where we tell you what this fun mobile game is all about. 8 Ball Pool is one of the best billiard games available for mobile phones, with millions of downloads in the Android store and with a lot of players that day to day enter to participate in the most exciting pool tournaments.

In this game you will have to improve your skills training every day to perfect your technique and learn new strokes that will lead you to win the games. You can also play in 8-player tournaments where matches are serious and every move is key to winning.

You will also have to earn money to customize your club, your table and buy different items that will help you in your career as a billiard master.

Cheats for 8 Ball Pool

If you want to have extra help when playing 8 Ball Pool we leave you a link where you will find several tricks, tips and guides to become the best pool player of all time. This 8 ball pool hack tool available now in french and English, with or without downloading, easy of use our hack is protected by an encryption.

This software has been implemented by the OuyaBrew team and lets add you as many resources as you want. If you get stuck somewhere, for fun, to exceed a level or you are in trouble or to become one of the best players, use our software without root or jailbreak, protected by a Proxy and an Anti-Ban for you ensure maximum protection and minimal risk. Plug your phone into your computer and choose your options and let our software, our software will change the game directly through your phone without external action. Try it now and see the results.

This online generator has been implemented by the OuyaBrew team and lets add you as many resources you want without connection and remote directly on the web, our generator sends data to our servers for the treaties to then send false information in official servers. If you get stuck somewhere, for fun, to exceed a level or you are in trouble or to become one of the best players, use our generator protect data encryption to ensure maximum protection and minimal risk.

Double Barbarians Pigs Rider Deck Clash Royale

I prefer decks with which I can attack quickly, and to defend against strong cards, I use golems, giants, Lava Dogs, …

I use here the Electrical Wizard, but you can also use a Princess, Musketeer or Archers.

Double Barbarians Pigs Rider Deck Arena for 8+

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians: Of course they are better and stronger and annoying for some players. I love this card because you they can user both offensively and defensively. Elite Barbarians are very fast, if they reach the tower than your opponent is in trouble. I use them mostly with the Ijsgolem sure inserted, or I let them run fast to the enemy tower as I have a Zap.

Clash Royale Barbarians: Barbarians brothers are also useful for defense against golems, giants, Pig Riders … They are slow, but they are very dangerous if you do not turn off after their defending. I also love to distract using them for a number of troops. Sometimes I use them to distract Lava puppies and you can also split them if you want this.

Clash Royale Pigs Rider: Rider pigs is the main card for the attack. Fast and strong, but sometimes, when the opponent puts a good defense of its buildings, it is difficult to reach the enemy tower, so that’s why I like Elite Barbarians use. You can destroy buildings with them and then attack with a Pig Rider or vice versa.
Pigs Rider Combo + Ijsgolem to place the ‘pig push (Pigs attack)!

Clash Royale Ijsgolem: He is one of the most versatile forces at this time. Most of the time I use it along with a Pig Rider and Elite Barbarians. He can kill, divert troops, damaging minions a Skeleton Army … After he dies, he inhibits troops close off, ensuring that troops are affected more.

Mega favorite Mega favorite is especially useful to defend. It is useful against a Lava Dog, Ground Troops, minions … and well as combo with a Ijsgolem.

Clash Royale Electrical Wizard: Electrical Wizard is really a great card. You can use them to slow troops, resetting a target and zap a Skeleton Army or Horde minions, after the fatal injury of a Ijsgolem. He can be slain by a Fireball, but if he is slain you still barbarians that you can use to attack. Usually it is used for defense.

Clash Royale Fireball: Very useful and widely used map to damage a tower, killing Barbarians, Horde minions, Electric Wizard and Skeleton Army. Often it can happen that you need one or two fireballs to win.

Clash Royale: For 2 Elixir great card for attack and defense. usually it is used with Elite Barbarians + Pig Rider in an attack.

Clash Royale general Schedule

Because you build a Pig Rider and Elite Barbarians have this deck as the main attacking force, you can attack with a Pig Rider + Ijsgolem / Elite Barbarian + Ijsgolem or make a quick attack if you have a lead Elixir.

Also Elite Barbarians are very suitable for defense, so for example after Elite Barbarians place a Royal Reus on the right, then you are also an clash royale hack on
and you can quickly attack the other side (left) with a Pig Rider. To make a double attack you much chance to reach the tower with one of your tickets fast, and then to inflict much damage.

When I play, I start with a favorite Mega behind Ijsgolem, and play slowly to see what cards the opponent. If the opponent much Elixir uses a card that will not do much damage to my tower (eg Lava Dog, Golem, Witch, Wizard, Ijstovenaar, Bowler …), rather than a quick attack on the other side with a Pig Rider or Elite Barbarians and then use your barbarians to defend.
To attack

Elite Barbarian + Ijsgolem: Really strong times an attack but if your opponent Barbarians, Tombstone or other card used to distract Elite Barbarians you will need a Fireball / Zap, get ready to place an attack if your opponent all his cards has used that can stop the Elite Barbarians.

Pigs Rider + Ijsgolem: Strong during a normal attack. Most of the time you will have at least 1-2 times being hit by barbarians, Horde minions … by defending your opponent. If you use it with a Fireball, Zap, you can destroy the enemy tower. The worst case is to play at cards with buildings like a Barbarenhut, Koboldenhut …

Elite Barbarians + Fireball / Zap: Common If I do not Ijsgolem and he has only weak forces, then I let elite Barbarians on an enemy tower rush along with the use of a fireball or Zap.

Elite Barbarians + Pig Rider: This attack costs 10 Elixir and it’s a bit risky, but depending on the situation during the game, you can let them rush on an enemy tower.

Buildings (Inferno Tower, Gun …): A building can be a problem, but because you two big cards have to attack, you can make a Pig Rider on almost every building rush to destroy it and then attack with Elite Barbarians or vice versa.

Clash Royale Bowler: He’s good at Pig Rider so I always try to attack the other side of the bowler or wait to stabbing my side and quick to attack with Elite Barbarians.

Clash Royale Golem: Golem is a strong card, but it is very slow and that gave us plenty of time to stop him with barbarians, but it is important to derive its supporting troops. What I do is put a counterattack on the other side with Elite Barbarian, because I do not want to attack the Golem, because it’s really hard to defend such attacks.

Clash Royale Lava Dog: A strong card, but very slow and the most important is to kill its lava puppies, you can do a lot before he arrives at your towers. You can place a counter-attack with a Mega favorite who is really good at Puppies, Fireball or Zap. Mega favorite is also good when you are distracted by a Ijsgolem.

Super Mario Bros Game For The Common NES

You will need to think fast and move even more quickly to complete this traditional mission! The Mushroom Princess has been held captive by the evil Koopa tribe of turtles. It’s your decision to save her from the handbags of the Koopa Ruler before time works out. Nonetheless it will not be easy. To access the princess, you shall have to climb mountains, combination seas, avoid bottomless pits, struggle off turtle troops and a bunch of unpleasant traps that only a Koopa Ruler can devise. It really is another excursion from the SUPER MARIO BROS.!

Super Mario Bros was the first game ever before to be released for the NES in 1985. It had been the first game to provide effective clean scrolling levels with a well-crafted map. Super Mario Brothers happens to be the top selling training video game ever. You may play it on the NES, Famicom, SNES, GBA, and the Wii recently. Believe me everyone, this game is a genuine blast from days gone by, today and still entertains. Mario was the first true gambling character and he’ll operate and fireball away any others that make an effort to take his place. He shall always be big in the video game industry for that reason games huge impact.

The Games Account:

Many say the story of this game is horrible and it is a huge downfall of the game. After all it is merely like almost every other game in which a princess gets captured and you will need to save lots of her. The true basic storyline of the overall game is the fact that Bowser has unleashed a wicked spell over Mushroom Kingdom. The sole ones that can save the Princess and break this bad spell are Luigi and Mario.

Well, this game was just about the first game to start out those general plots. But truthfully, what’s there never to love about the basic Mario keeping Princess Peach from Bowser storyline? NOTHING, it is easy and a engaging story. I am certain the story will not deserve a higher rank because at that time when the overall game came out the storyline was very new and probably sounded somewhat corny. Today but, everybody knows of your friendly plumber hero, MARIO.


This game is unbelievably fun to try out. The aim of the overall game is complete each level by running to the finish of the particular level and jumping has high as you can on the flag. You shall face many famous enemies such as Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Vegetation and so many more. There are cash spread throughout the overall game in arbitrary areas and concealed in blocks that you need to bust. Once you get 100 cash you get a supplementary life.

You get a report for just how many foes you wipe out, how many cash you snatch, and then for other various reasons. Each level is exclusive and has different obstructions in each which is a blast to learn. A couple of 8 worlds with 4 periods in each world usually. The game is fantastic since it has multiple hidden secrets throughout the overall game that keeps the fun coming. There are even key minus worlds and warp pipes that provide the overall game a great twist.

The overall game also mixes in a few mazes to provide it just a little challenge. You can even play 2 players where you can play as Mario and Luigi and beat the wicked Koopa Ruler. The few downfalls are that the overall game is not so long, display screen scrolling, and it gets irritating. In the event that you play it quick enough you might conquer every level in around thirty minutes.

You can’t backtrack once you progress in a known level. The overall game is frustrating because you can’t even save and there are no continues (you may use a code to get started on from the entire world you lost on). The overall game display only scrolls in the right path. I’d easily supply the gameplay of Super Mario Bros a 10/10 if there have been at least more levels per world.

Obviously, you can’t simply take on those levels as just you and yourself, which means you have got a couple of things that you will get out there to help you. To begin with there’s the powerups you will get in blocks during the game. The first one you shall get is the Super Mushroom, and by getting this Mario will develop to increase size (Super Mario!) and also take one extra reach from an adversary (and revert on track Mario) before sacrificing a life.

Super Mario Run – Anticipated popularity of the game

Shortly after the launch of Nintendo Pokemon Go through the company’s shares shot into the air, because many investors had confidence in Nintendo. After the shares by the month there again is slightly stabilized, putting the share after the launch on September 7th up again. As high as the proportion rose after the introduction of Pokemon Go it did not come, but it was approaching this point or at a hair. It indicates that investors trust that the new game from Nintendo will be very popular for mobile users among a large group. This is not for nothing! Super Mario Run Nintendo has launched a game that may be of interest to a very wide audience. For young and old, male and female, for Super Mario enthusiast and for players with common interests.

Super Mario Run seems really down everything you expect from a good game for mobile devices. So the game has a competitive twist, something was still missing at include Pokemon Go, there are several game modes included in Super Mario Run and the graphics of the game seem to be stunning. Reason enough to try the game again after launching the download of Super Mario Run for iOS in December this year.

You download the game too?

The biggest advantage of Super Mario Run is perhaps still the pots in this game last just long enough to fill a train, a bus or for example a break. You do not have half an hour to sit down, but can also come in five minutes just a few levels. In this way, it remains fun to play Super Mario occasionally run without you much time to spend here. During the few games Super Mario Run on Android or iOS, you collect additional coins back to your Mushroom Kingdom continues to build! You can of course also choose to Super Mario Run ankle playing for the fight it brings with friends and family. Who is the fastest? Or who knows how to put together the best Mushroom Kingdom? Head over to the Super Mario Run Download. Or read directly more information about the release, price or view the cheats and hacking here opportunities.


Hay Day Cheats Diamond Tricks Unlimited

Hay Day Cheat will allow you to get unlimited coins and diamonds and all for free, great! Hay Day Cheat Tool may be the best choice for you if you need more coins and diamonds in your favorite game. This game seems to be one of the most popular applications of the Internet at the moment, because the gameplay is simply awesome and the graphics are amazing. You will enjoy this game for you, but when you run out of coins and diamonds, you search the internet for cheating tools. This is why our team has prepared for you the best solution, called Hay Day Tip. This tool works with both devices, here name Android and iOS.

There is no need to plug in if you play this game on your phone. If you are playing on Facebook, you just need to insert the Facebook ID in the correct tag that is the same as your Facebook Email. The program is very simple to use and does not require any advanced knowledge. Be sure to download the Hay Day Tips. Tool of our mirrors. The software contains a very strong anti-prohibition guard script so that you will be protected all the time you use the cheats. In the latest version released by our team, with Hay Day Cheat and Tool Tips you can also hack levels so this game will be a great pleasure for you. Try the Tip right now and you will be amazed at our work!

Hay Day Hack Features:

  • Generate more coins, diamonds to your account.
  • Features instant hacking levels.
  • Works with iOS, Android and also with the Facebook platform.
  • No jailbreak or rooting required.
  • Very safe for use, the tool is equipped with anti-interdiction device.
  • If you play the game on Facebook, the program works with all browsers.
  • Works well with all versions of the game, we tested the hack and it turned out to work with all.
  • Very easy to use, beign equipped with interactive user interface.

Hack Day Hay is the latest trick for Hay Day that will allow you to get unlimited diamonds for free. This Hay Day Hack works with all operating systems, including Mac OS and Windows 8. I’m sure you’ll like our Hay Day hacking as you like them. This Hack Day hack uses only a few MB of Internet data, so you can even use it directly on your device.

Hay Day Hacking is created for people like me who do not like paying for games, one of the big futures contracts that this hack is that it’s 100% undetectable and it works in offline mode for so You have downloaded to PC.

With 8 ball pool hack, tips & tricks for billiards

Is an 8 ball pool hack necessary to advance in the popular mini-lip game to billiards? We have the best tips and tricks for tournament success. Now put all the balls!

The billiard game from Miniclip is very popular. After downloading the 8 Ball Pool App, gamers can compete against players from all over the world and prove their skills at billiards in tournaments. If you want to defend against the best of the billiards, you need exercise and maybe an ace in the sleeve.

8 Ball Pool Hack: risky cheating

With us one can not get any cheats or hack tools. Although there are a lot of these offers on the net. However, it is not advisable, because behind the sides are often stinkers who want to pull the money and / or private user data out of the pocket. For this, the downloads are often equipped with malicious software or but you get a note to the house. In addition, the user risks that the account will be blocked. So if you want to become a billiard ace legally, this is the right place.

Tips and tricks for 8 ball pool

The fact that you do not need 8 ball pool hack or any cheats for successful tournaments, we want to show using these tips.
Note the ball position

Before the shot you should always consider where the white ball for the next move should be best. So look at the table for more balls, and the white help line can help. The question then is: How hard does the white ball have to be played to bring it into the ideal starting position for the next hit?

Straight moves: The white ball brings a hard push to where the play was. A gentle stroke makes them continue to roll.

Best practice: Offline mode

Practice creates masters! In order to be familiar with the behavior of the queue and the balls, you should always use the offline mode. There, without being embarrassed by other players, you can practice until the bats are seated. If you go to the tournament, the other players might think you are using an 8 ball pool hack – because you are so clever.
More tips for successful billiards

In addition, one should not miss these options:

  1. There are ways to pause the game
  2. Invite friends via Facebook, bring 500 coins
  3. Anyone who logs into Facebook will also receive coins
  4. Bonuses about advertising (promotions)
  5. Spin function to control white ball
  6. Position of the power bar can be changed (settings)
  7. The bullet has to hit the band if you have not punched anything, otherwise it counts as a foul

Nintendo Switch: This is the new console of the Japanese company


After many months of rumors and teaser videos, the day has finally arrived. The new Nintendo console, under the name of Nintendo Switch – although this last is not a surprise – has been officially presented. The new gaming device comes to face the PS4 Pro as well as the futuristic Project Scorpio from Microsoft. The great advantage of this new device is the duality between laptop and desktop, becoming a hybrid console that we can dock or uncouple your base according to how we want to play. Let’s see exactly what it is.

Joy-Con, one of the keys


Surely if you have been moderately aware of what has been filtering, and with the image that accompanies these lines, you know what we are talking concretely. These are the Joy-Con, the versatile controls that will allow us to play with the new console both anchored to it in portable mode and separated, in fixed mode.

So, yes, they are the direct successors of their older sister Wiimote’s Wii U. This means that we can use the movement of the controls to play the various titles that are programmed to make use of this feature, like the one you see down. In addition, the right has a camera that will also be implemented in games, and have a weight of 49 and 52 grams in which is included that of the battery that each carries.

Autonomy of 6.5 hours and 3 game modes

As for the ways we will have to play with this new console, two of the three you have are in portable mode, ie without the need for the dock. One of them is the so-called handled, which consists of the screen with the Joy-Con anchored, holding everything as if it were a tablet. The other mode of play is the tabletop, with which we will play with the Switch supported on a surface like a table, and we will play with the Joy-Con in the hands. In this mode we can play in multiplayer on the same console or connect up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi.

The other game mode is the one that corresponds to the fixed section of this hybrid console. To play this way we will connect the 6.2-inch HD touch screen switch to the dock you see on the picture and turn it on to the TV, using the Joy-Con separately as remote controls.

In terms of autonomy, Nintendo ensures that your new Nintendo Switch can give us a battery performance of up to six and a half hours away from any type of load. As you know, this is very relative, because any appliance consumes more or less according to the use that is given. We also do not know the exact capacity of the battery, but they do add to the new USB Type-C standard as a connector for the charging cable.

Two models, $ 299 and availability

The new Nintendo Switch has two different models. But not in the technical section, in which it seems that there is no difference, if not in the colors, one with the Joy-Con in gray and the other with these in red and blue, as you can see in the images that Plague this article. Regarding the price, some $ 299 worth of money will have to be seen in how many euros are transformed, because you know that in these things the strict currency change may lose some importance.

It said before that it seems that there is or difference between the models at technical level because Nintendo has not revealed during the presentation the hardware specifications of its new console. We probably will not know this never taking into account that the console launches to the market the next day March 3, so someone will have to open it and tell us.

Games confirmed, with online payment

Indeed, and perhaps less surprisingly than might be expected, Nintendo has decided that the online multiplayer game of the new Nintendo Switch will be paid, as it happens with the consoles of the competition. At the moment, of course, nothing is known about quotas, it is too early, but I do not think they are very different from their competitors, or at least not suitable for them. In addition, with this fee we will also pay for old games from previous consoles, and exclusive games for the new.

As for the games confirmed during the presentation, we have seen a bit of everything. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Mario Odissey, passing by others like ARMS or Splatoon 2, to Skyrim – again – or Dragon Quest and FIFA.

One of the most interesting details is that there will be no regional blockade, so we can play any game from anywhere on the planet. Here are some videos that have been seen during the presentation, to go heating engines: