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T-Mobile will certainly offer a totally free iPhone 7 to anybody that switches from an additional provider

If you’re wanting to leave your existing mobile provider and grab some cost-free phones while doing so, you might want to look into T-Mobile’s most recent offer. On Friday, the Un-carrier introduced that anybody who brings their number to the network will have the ability to obtain an iPhone 7 for free, or an iPhone 7 Plus for $100.

In order to get your cost-free iPhone, all you need to do is bring your current number to, enroll in a T-Mobile One plan and also trade in a qualifying phone. T-Mobile will certainly after that provide you your iPhone on its interest-free Devices Installment Plan (EIP), give you with instant credit rating for your trade-in as well as (after you regsiter online) send you a prepaid MasterCard with your rebate to put on the remaining price of the phone.

If your whole household or even your service intends to switch service providers, T-Mobile says that the offer could relate to as much as 12 iPhone 7 gadgets. And also, if you take advantage of one more current T-Mobile bargain, you can obtain a third line cost-free as long as you sign up for (or already have) 2 energetic lines on T-Mobile. Lastly, you can integrate those 2 manage T-Mobile’s deal of 2 T-Mobile One lines for $100 for an even much better bargain.

As always, terms apply as well as you will still be accountable for the staying balance if you terminate your plan before the phone is settled. The complimentary iPhone 7 deal is just great up until Thursday, March 16th, so if you’re taking into consideration switching over to a new service provider soon, it may be time to shoot.

The SD card: a doomed dying or a survivor decided?


It was the iPhone 7 that alarmed the users who feared that the one that removed the port of auricular jack was something that copied the other marks, opening an interesting debate. It seems that the matter has relaxed, but the thing has led in a matter that has been queuing for some time: to keep or not micro-SD cards in our smartphones.

Some of them hate it, others love them … They were our best friends in the early versions of Android, and it’s curious to see how more and more manufacturers refuse to implement them in their higher ranges, like Google, which is already known that is not very fan Of these little ones. Although they do not suppose an improvement to the performance of our mobile, even the opposite in some cases … Will we ever see the end of the micro-SD in Android?

Ranges, ranges everywhere


Companies have been scrambling to position in what ranges allow SD on their devices not long ago. Today it is common to see a mobile that does not have support for these, although usually are devices of at least 32 gigabytes, leaving the cards for devices of 16 gigs. With the exception of high-end ranges like the Galaxy S7 or the Huawei P9, we see more and more like the SD end up in the low ranges to supply the storage, although this already enters within what we could ask a mobile at least in 2017.

But, there are several aspects to take into account. According to many media and users, SD cards lastran the general performance of the system which depends largely on the hardware and the level of the card, since there are several classes and ranges, but it is not something that is general, since users They perceive it in one way or another. Anyway, it is logical to think that, if it is true, companies do not want their most expensive mobiles to lose performance and, therefore, they get bad publicity.

People also influence

And this is where the human factor takes on greater strength, because we are already in the midst of needs. There are users who refuse to see them unnecessary, or others – like me – who need to have separate internal storage and personal things to have all your things in one and have extra space on your phone. It also depends on storage, in the sense that you will not care if you have a SD if you have 128 gigs on your Android as in the case of the Nexus 6P or the OnePlus 3T.

I’m not going to venture, but I think the disappearance of micro-SD cards on Android will depend largely on the welcome of users, something logical but more tricky here. Let’s look at the case of the LG G5 and its modularity. Because depending on what use or acceptance the public gives the internal memory units, we can delimit better if they are affected by the disaster or resurface their marginalization as Nokia and its lost empire. It looks like the title of a movie, wow.

Do you usually use micro-SD on your Android? Or do you go from them?

Google launches #myAndroid to help you customize your home screen


If there is something we really like about Android is its infinite customization capabilities. Thanks to the different options offered by the Google operating system, it is almost impossible to find two custom smartphones in the same way.

Now, Google boasts the Android customization capabilities with its latest tool, #myAndroid, which will allow users to get unique customizations for their devices, based on the personal tastes of each.

This is #myAndroid, the Google tool to find the perfect personalization


Just access this tool, we will find a test formed by different questions and several options to choose from. We will have to answer each question by selecting the option that best suits our tastes, and at the end, will automatically generate a customization based on our answers.

Along with each result obtained, we will be able to download the different components that form it, be they packages of icons, launcher or widgets, as well as the wallpaper, and even the keyboard. In this way, Google wants to highlight the developers of popular applications such as Backdrops Wallpapers, Nova Launcher or Muzei, as well as the designers of the thousands of icon packs available on Google Play.

Obviously, this is a tool intended for novice users, which aims to introduce these to the different options available on Android thanks to third-party launcher, wallpaper applications, widgets or icon packs. Even so, it is still a curious tool that can be useful for any type of user at some point.

According to the tests we have been able to do, the results are quite close to the chosen answers, and the most customizations offered by #myAndroid are quite attractive. In case of testing the tool, we would like you to leave us your favorite result in the comments.